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besmartacademy is a bilingual English-German kindergarten with two locations in Berlin and children from 40 nations. The academy's mission is to promote understanding and acceptance of different cultures, lifestyles, religions, beliefs and backgrounds. In 2016, we wanted to reflect this and to give besmartacademy and its concept an appropriate website.

Rico Hefter (Blockdesigner) was responsible for the design and UX-concept of The aim of our collaboration was a friendly, easy-to-use and easy to maintain multilingual website. That's why I chose the extremely adaptable, agile and intuitive editing system ProcessWire. By using Content Management Framework I was able to implement Rico's designs, information architecture and add with all the functions the briefing required. In addition to the focus on scalability in the first phase of the project, we concentrated on a heretofore fully manual process - the registration form for besmartacedemy.

My services

  • Frontend development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Web(-app) accessibility
  • Content Management Systems: ProcessWire, Drupal, Kirby
  • PHP Framework: Laravel
  • Concept, audit and consultancy
  • Workshops and trainings

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