ownCloud WebUI

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ownCloud is an open source project that enables you to set up a cloud storage infrastructure on your own server - as a self-hosted alternative to commercial providers.

The project with the codename "Phoenix" is the new user interface for ownCloud on the Web. It is currently being implemented as a Single Page Application (SPA) in the JavaScript framework Vue.js, and its source code is as available online.

I was able to support ownCloud as follows:

  • Help building and extending a pattern library with accessible interface components. This included refactoring existing components and creating new ones.
  • Documentation of existing or emerging components with a focus on technical accessibility, best practices, affected user groups and assistive technologies
  • support for non-component-based measures for accessibility in Phoenix, such as general keyboard focus management
  • General workshop sessions on barrier-free access via video telephony or on site

My services

  • Frontend development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Accessibile solutions for web sites and web apps
  • Web accessibility trainings
  • Content Management Systems: ProcessWire, Kirby
  • PHP Framework: Laravel
  • Concept, audit and consultancy

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