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Digital Accessibility

My Services:

  • Audits of websites and web apps
  • Workshops with your development team
  • Consulting on building accessible digital products
  • Consulting on accessibility regulations of the European Union
  • Special emphasis of accessible e-commerce patterns

A web for everyone

Inclusive web design is not only aimed at people with disabilities, but offers all Internet users better usability. This accessibility for all is especially important because more and more aspects of life will become digital - and at some point maybe will only be possible digitally.

Accessible web design also means designing HTML documents semantically (i.e. making their content, relationships and meanings more understandable to machines). This is good for the search engines and voice assistants of the present - and most certainly technologies of the future.

Ways I can help you making your digital products accessible:

  • I run accessibility audits using a standardized evaluation methodology. After that we review my findings and analysis and chart a way on how to improve your website or web app
  • I examine your web apps (or single widgets) regarding accessibility guidelines and best practices
  • I join the creation and planning phase of your digital product. We can review existing concept materials, and I can point out factors that you need to consider in the coming project phase.

My services

  • Frontend development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Accessibile solutions for web sites and web apps
  • Web accessibility trainings
  • Concept, audit and consultancy

Sounds interesting?

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